Unify - Song Story

This arrangement of this song is dedicated to my brothers and sisters in the a cappella side of the Restoration movement. To Pastor Rick Achley and the crew of energetic young adults from his church who blessed us so profoundly for a week in March of 2006.

My heart longs for unity in the body of Christ. This song truly is my prayer:

"Unify. Remove all our stubborn pride. Work in our hearts and lives to unify."


Unify was written in October/November 2004 just  after "Together". They were both written around the same theme of living in community with other believers. We later used Unify in an a cappella choir arrangement for our "Together in Christ" Weekend with Rick Achley in March of 2006.

Christian Churches and Churches of Christ in the Calgary  area joined forces for a weekend of meetings to demonstrate unity in the body after 100 years of the division of the Restoration movement. An inter-church choir was formed utilizing instrumental (rock band) accompaniment at Bow Valley and a cappella songs at Calgary Church of Christ, honoring the traditions and preferences of these two streams of the Restoration movement.