Mike likes his wings… here’s where the wing deals are in and around Calgary’s North West:

*** Things may have changed dramatically following COVID CRAZINESS - please phone first or ask your server to confirm the deal before ordering to avoid disappointment ***

(And drop me a note so I can keep this site updated) - Thanks!

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Updated June 2020

If you know of any other “wing nights” in NW Calgary (or if any of this info needs correction)

Please drop Mike a note at wingmaster@mikerschuster.com

Please include the name of the place, address, price / rules, which night(s), and your opinion…

Thanks for all your input - the list continues to grow!

  Bold Green Font = Mike’s flavourites

 * = not in the NW, but wings worth checking out.  

 Bubblemania  (403)277-9398        Family friendly place, run by hard working university     $.63 each

 459 - 16 Ave NE *                          students - so tip well! ;-)  One of my favourites!

 Gallagher's Pub  (403)516-1650                                                                                     half price

5010 - 4 Street NE *                                                                                                           3pm - close

Juliet's Castle  (403)276-2866                $.35 on Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat.                          $.65 each

440 - 16th Ave NE *                               "to go" wings are always 75 cents                                 All day


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Still looking for more Friday  places… if you find a wing night, please let me know.

 Silverpoint Pub (403)286-1146                                                                                    $.40 each

5720 Silver Springs Blvd NW