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Jesus, I Surrender To Your Will - Song Story

This song was written in the Winter of 2008 at the Camp Evergreen Men’s Retreat. We were talking about how difficult it is for men to surrender (FYI we prefer to conquer). This song and the imagery of a house just seemed to make sense. It was a special weekend, and this continues to be one of songs I sit down and play the most.

It was a difficult song to write, and it’s a tough song to sing, because I have to admit that I don’t always live up to the lyrics of this song. It’s a daily struggle to live a life of surrender - I aspire to the lyrics of this song. I hope it inspires you too.

Musicians on “Jesus, I Surrender To Your Will”

James Fullen (lead guitar);

Mike R Schuster (acoustic);

Mike R Schuster (piano);

Leroy Harder (keys);

Lorne Reimer (bass);

Ian McGillvrey (drums);

Mike R Schuster (aux perc);

Jennifer Schuster (BGVs);

Mike R Schuster (BGVs)  

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