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Vocals: Sean Croley, Jennifer Jade Kerr, Janessa Schuster,

     Jennifer Schuster, Mike R Schuster

Guitars: James Fullen, Tony Lind, Anthony Packwood, Mike R Schuster

Keys: Leroy Harder, Carlin Lemon, Mike R Schuster

Pedal Steel: Steve Hinson

Mandolin: Spencer Capier

Violin: Spencer Capier

Bass: Dave Janssen

Drums: Phil Robertson

Percussion: Phil Robertson, Mike R Schuster

Mixing & Fixing: Andrew Horrocks (AME Recording Studio)

Mastering: Jason Germain

Producer: Mike R Schuster

Album Art: Zach Schuster

Layout: Leroy Harder, Mike R Schuster

Theologians: Rev. Shafer Parker, Dr. Siegfried H Schuster

Singalongs & Pseudohymns - Album Credits

As with my other albums, these songs can be sung accompanied by nothing more than an acoustic guitar or piano. The arrangements on this CD became a reality because the following people shared their time, energy, and talent…