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“We enjoyed having Mike in for a workshop with our music teams. The information was helpful, thought-provoking and encouraging, while challenging us toward growth and new possibilities within our Worship Arts department. We appreciated Mike’s humility, insight and humour, along with his honestly and willingness to point out common issues and ways to address them.

 After the workshop, Mike worked with our 4 music team leaders to prepare the Sunday music package, starting with a rehearsal. Mike chose the music and provided the song charts, allowing us to see how he laid them out. This was an opportunity to witness his methods for efficiency and provided some practical tips. With Mike leading Sunday morning, it was a great opportunity for our “leaders to be lead” and enjoy serving as one group on the platform.

 As part of the weekend, Mike shared a brief Compassion presentation with our congregation.  I appreciated the way he showcased their mission in an invitational and inspiring way, without pressure. It was a pleasure to meet and work with Mike and we would not hesitate to recommend him.”

 - Andrea Black, Administrator /Worship Leader, Nanaimo Alliance Church, Nanaimo, BC

“Mike gave one of the most powerful ministries on behalf of Compassion Canada that I have heard. It was not just my wife and I that were touched, but a number of people in our church. This was evident by the response from a number across both English and Chinese congregations of our church. Mike is great to work with and is willing to find the best way to serve in our context, even bringing a team of volunteers with him. I have worked with Mike before in another church, and we were so glad to partner with him here, and we look forward to having him back serving all 3 of our congregations.”  

- Pastor Bruce Palsky, Lead English Pastor, Westside Calgary Chinese Alliance Church, Calgary, AB

“Mike came to minister and visit us in Port Alberni and we were so encouraged! He presented an afternoon workshop on worship where almost all of our team were present and very thankful they attended. Mike's knowledge, experience and most importantly, his heart for God in worship was so valuable. As often is the case, a guest speaker can come in bringing a different perspective in not knowing people or situations, making it easier to speak to potential issues more directly and objectively. It was great to have Mike unknowingly reaffirm and build on the progress we're already making as a team. Additionally, Mike served us very well for our Sunday service, leading our team in worship, sharing the Word, and speaking from being on the ground with Compassion and the great work continually being done. If your ministry or church has an opportunity to have Mike be with you, I highly recommend you take the opportunity!"

- Pastor Dan Servatius, Interim Pastor, Jericho Road Church, Port Alberni, B.C.

"Inviting Mike to do some worship training with us was a great decision. He was direct and understanding. Years of experience has given him the ability to relate to our worship leaders and teams. He also knows all the excuses that get in our way. The feedback I received from each of our participants was only positive as they left with practical steps to grow in their worship leading skills and gifts. We will gladly have Mike back to assist us in developing our worship teams."

- Pastor Dwayne Dibben, Lead Pastor, Park Meadows Baptist Church, Lethbridge, AB

"Thanks, Mike for the great weekend! I heard many positive comments from those who attended the worship seminar you lead for us. Also, we so appreciated your leading our Sunday Morning Service. It was a great time of worship and a good challenge in the area of caring for those in need. Thanks, Mike for how you served our church in wisdom, humility and with love and compassion all around.”

 - Pastor Andrew Rilling, Interim Lead Pastor, Deer Park Alliance Church, Red Deer, AB

“We have had Mike come lead a Compassion Sunday three times over the years.  Each time he comes he blesses us with his passion for worship and Compassion.  During the most recent visit, we timed our worship appreciation night with his visit.  Mike took part in the appreciation and even lead the group in a short in-service around preparing for Sunday worship. On Sunday, Mike led the service with our worship team, providing some fresh ideas and insights for leading Sunday mornings. Of course, Mike shared the impact that Compassion has around the world and invited us to join the Kingdom work. Thanks, Mike!”  

- Pastor Peter Ma, Lead Pastor, McLaurin Baptist Chuch, Grande Prairie, AB

Working with Compassion is truly a partnership. Our music ministry was just getting by, but having Mike come with both the theology of worship workshop and practically leading a team really jump-started our passion again. All that, plus being able to steer my congregation outward towards helping children out of poverty in Jesus' name made this weekend a win-win. A big thank you to Compassion and Mike on a wonderful model that equips the church and sends the church.

- Pastor Brandon Crain, Edmonton Chinese Alliance Church, Edmonton, AB

Mike has brought Compassion to us with great passion. His message during our Sunday service has not only blessed our congregation, but also reminded us of God's heart for the poor and the marginalized. His message was clear, genuine, grounded in Scripture and full of passion. It was a delightful experience as some of our congregational members have responded in faith to the call of the Holy Spirit. I fully endorse what Mike is doing through Compassion, partnering with churches to bring the love of Jesus to the world and setting children free from poverty in Jesus' name. I highly recommend this opportunity for your church.
- Pastor Kelsey Lau, North Edmonton Alliance Church, Edmonton, AB

Thank Pastor Mike for coming to our church to conduct a Worship Seminar and demonstrate how to lead worship in a team setting. Highly recommended!"

- Rev Dr. Roland Shum, Lead Pastor, Evangel Baptist Church, Edmonton, AB

Mike came out to do a worship team workshop at Morden Alliance. His worship team workshop content served as an invaluable resource for our teams. With his wealth of knowledge and experience in worship leading and leadership, he imparts practical insights, effective strategies, and helpful tools that empower worship teams to grow in their skills, unity, and spiritual depth.

From teaching on the significance of worship to addressing the challenges faced by worship teams, Mike equips participants to cultivate a worship experience that truly honours God and engages the hearts of the congregation.

Mike's participation in leading worship and delivering a presentation on Compassion Canada during our Sunday service was an absolute delight.

As a pastor, I must admit that entrusting someone with an entire service can sometimes evoke nervousness, but Mike swiftly alleviated any concerns. His impeccable organization and effortless ability to seamlessly integrate into our church made the entire experience incredibly smooth and hassle-free.

During his presentation, Mike captivated the hearts of our congregation with his beautiful delivery. The message he conveyed on Compassion's ministry resonated deeply with everyone present, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Witnessing the impact of his words and the genuine connection he established with our community was truly inspiring.

Based on the experience we had with Mike, I wholeheartedly recommend him for future service opportunities. His dedication, professionalism, and ability to create an atmosphere of ease and engagement are truly commendable. We eagerly look forward to welcoming Mike back to serve our church once again, as we know he will continue to bless and uplift our congregation.

- Pastor Dan Nel, Senior Associate Pastor, Morden Alliance Church, Morden, MB

Thank you, Mike for a wonderful time of encouragement and learning with the volunteers from our worship ministry. You meet people where they are at in their journey and invite them to step out even more as we seek to honour God with our worship. You connect with people in such a way that the workshop flies by and yet is so effective that our team is continuing the discussions after you left. Having you speak and lead with our team on Sunday was a great opportunity to hear more of your heart for responding to poverty with Compassion as well as for some of our team to implement what you shared about worship that pleases God. We are already talking about when we can have you come to share with us again. I highly recommend this opportunity to other churches.

- Connie Elder, Worship Ministry Director, Parkview Alliance Church, Vermillion, AB

Mike leads with passion, authenticity, compassion and skill. His ability to lead worship and mentor our team was very impactful. His message was crystal clear and compelling. One church member said, "This was the best Compassion Canada presentation we have ever had." I fully endorse Mike and his ministry to you and your church.

- Pastor Bob Claxton, Interim Pastor, Parkview Alliance Church , Vermillion, AB

"Our church was privileged to have Mike Schuster come and provide a worship workshop as well as have him share his passion for Compassion at our Sunday morning service. Both days of his visit were tremendously encouraging, stretching, and insightful as Mike shared from his experience as both a worship leader and Compassion Canada advocate. I would highly recommend his ministry."

- Pastor Joel Friesen, Carberry Evangelical Free Church. Carberry, MB

"Mike has a solid, Jesus-loving heart that combines a passion for Compassion with a dedication to God's adoration. One moment that stands out from our weekend with Mike; one worship team member was exhibiting some resistance to the teaching, and Mike took her off to one side where he gently heard her concerns and encouraged her with Scripture. He just showed such a loving pastor's heart! We were all so blessed by his ministry."

- Pastor Nick Kimpinski, Bridgeway Community Church (Mennonite Brethren), Swift Current, SK

“We thoroughly enjoyed having Mike Schuster come to Taber and lead us in our worship service. It was a great opportunity to learn more about Compassion and the ministry they do. Our musicians really appreciated working with Mike to lead the service. They really enjoyed how Mike led and the humble posture in which he taught and worked with them. Thank you Mike for your ministry. It was a blessing to have you lead our worship on that Sunday and to help teach us about how Christ is being shared through Compassion!”

- Pastor Brian Kuyper, Taber Christian Reformed Church, Taber, AB

“Mike is an awesome man of God who is very passionate in everything he does. He led the Creative Worship team and was able to share how they can improve as a team in helping the congregation worship, etc. He was able to educate our Church about what Compassion does and by sharing his personal story-how Compassion helped their family see what people can do when they give sacrificially. We always like having Mike in our church - he brings new and exciting stories every time he visits. God bless you Mike!”

- Sheryl D (Missions Team), Church of the Living Hope (Alliance), Winnipeg, MB

“Our worship team musicians deeply appreciated the help Mike gave us. We gathered on a Saturday night for a worship workshop / rehearsal for Sunday morning. Mike worked well with the level of talent available, raising the quality of music in our service in a God-honouring way. Having Mike in our home gave my wife and I an opportunity to see his integrity and heart for the Lord. He is real and a real encouragement to us as a small congregation. I was also amazed at the good number of new child sponsorships that came out of our Compassion Sunday. We commend his ministry for consideration and are planning for a return engagement ourselves.”

- Rev. Thomas C. Fehr, Rocky Mountain Alliance Church, Golden, BC

“I wanted to bring Mike into our church to provide an outside voice from someone who has so much experience in worship leading, teaching, and leadership equipping. Mike spent a Saturday morning teaching our Worship Ministries volunteers. I was hoping for some general content that covered the bases and inspired a new level of passion within my volunteers. I got that and so much more! Mike's teaching was very authentic, Scripture-based, practical, simple, yet deep and thought-provoking. Our teams walked away with some real food-for-thought and some practical steps on our journey of giving our God the praise that He deserves.”

- Pastor Tony Lottes, Dalhousie Community Church (Mennonite Brethren), Calgary, AB

“We were recently privileged to have Mike Schuster come for a Compassion Sunday here at Hillsborough Baptist Church in New Brunswick. I could easily echo what others have said about Mike’s abilities and heart for Compassion and the local church. Mike capably led and poured into our worship team, but what really stands out to me is how prepared he was, with multiple clear communications before the event. He comes alongside churches with a gracious spirit that meets people where they are and encourages them to use their gifts for God’s glory. On our weekend together, he led our worship team to perform at a higher level altogether and showed what is possible when we work together. His gifts and servant heart will be a blessing to anyone he serves.”  

- Pastor Geoff DeJong, Hillsborough Baptist Church, Hillsborough, NB

“Mike Schuster came to Bow Valley Christian Church as a guest worship leader and Compassion Advocate. Mike is superb at working with worship team players and he does an excellent job of representing the Compassion organization. He clearly presents the need, encourages people to get involved with child sponsorship, and explains the difference it will make. There was no hard-sell and never an uneasy moment. Mike is a professional.”

- Pastor Keith Shields, Bow Valley Christian Church, Calgary, AB

“Mike brings a much-needed passion and conviction to a message that the North American church urgently needs to act upon. He very capably underscores the fact that social justice isn't an "option" for those who claim the name of Christ; it is at the essence of the "good news" that Jesus taught and modelled. I cannot recommend Mike's giftedness or the ministry of Compassion Canada highly enough!”

- Pastor Tim Callaway, DayBreak Community Church (Baptist), Airdrie, AB

“Mike recently came to our church in Stratford, Ontario. It was such a blessing to have him. The musicians who attended the workshop left challenged to consider the way they lead worship in our church. He helped us gain insight into what our role as worship leaders was, and what responsibilities come with that role. The following morning Mike lead our congregation in worship. Two young people worked with Mike, and it was a wonderful opportunity for them to learn to be part of a worship team from someone who is experienced. Since Mike left they have been empowered to lead worship independently in our church. This confidence that they have has also spread to other young people in the church.
The congregation enjoyed having Mike lead them in worship as he sang many old favourites as well as introducing new songs. Mike's passion for Compassion that drives him to do what he does is contagious. Mike shared moving stories about his sponsor children in different countries, and also he shared insight into the Compassion organization as a whole.
It was a privilege to have Mike come to our church and share with us, he left us with much to contemplate and work on, and he also left us with tools to continue to lead worship in our congregation. Every church should take advantage of this opportunity.”

- Tom Mosterd, Pastoral Intern, Stratford Christian Reformed Church, Stratford, ON

“Mike is a gifted leader and worshiper, with an amazing heart committed to serving the church. Mike's worship training workshop has already proven to be invaluable to all those involved in our worship ministry. As one of our leaders said "We now have the words to articulate what we believe." I was so happy to have him lead our entire Sunday service, ministering in worship, special music and sharing from God's Word. His ministry was biblical, encouraging, motivating and engaging. I highly recommend Mike, and would not hesitate to have him again.”

- Pastor Barry Marsten, Cornerstone Foursquare Church, Calgary, AB

“Mike's seminar on worship was inspiring for our worship teams.  It was a wonderful synthesis of both the theology of worship and practical instruction from a technical perspective.  My teams were called to a higher level of excellence, not just for the sake of music, but for the sake of giving glory to God.  He led our worship rehearsal and through that experience we gained some new ideas to implement for our future rehearsals.  Thanks Mike!”  

- Pastor Todd Brown, Heritage Alliance Church. Abbotsford, BC

“You don't have to be a tunesmith in any sense of the word and you will find yourself singing along to these 12 offerings in no time.  In a sonic milieu where the melody has often played second fiddle to polytechnics and the hippest guitar riffs, this is one of the few albums out there which thrive of great and memorable melodic structures.” 

“The songs with their infectious melodies are definitely made for the church to sing along to. And with words so rich, profound, and thoughtful, worshipping to these songs certainly give our praises Godly heft.”

- Pastor Timothy Yap  (Singalongs & Pseudohymns CD Review - Hallels.com)

“Set to completely new contemporary melodies are the magnificent, doctrinally-rich lyrics that have inspired numerous generations. These words are subject to some reshuffling and modernization as well as an additional chorus or bridge. It’s not an entirely new concept. We’ve seen artists like Chris Tomlin tinker with the hymns. But Schuster takes it to a whole new level. Eight of the 12 tracks on his latest album are of the pseudohymn variety.”
- Peter Fleck (Singalongs & Pseudohymns CD Review - City Light News)

“I have truly enjoyed this CD just because of its creative simplicity and affective lyrics. It is an uplifting combination.”
- Kenneth Wiegman (Singalongs & Pseudohymns CD Review - Alpha Omega News)

"We were truly blessed to have Mike come and minister in our church. Mike is an excellent teacher that people naturally want to listen to and follow. We were not only inspired to step up our game in the area of Worship Arts, but also were inspired to help children in need through Compassion. Mike's passion for both were evident and contagious. Thanks Mike."  
- Pastor Tim Sawatzky, Castledowns Baptist Church, Edmonton, AB


“Thank you for bringing your experience and expertise to our worship leaders through the Seminar you provided during our Compassion Canada Weekend. The passion you have for authentic worship is contagious and each participant benefited from your input as a teacher, and then your modelling as a worship leader. Sunday morning was a result of preparation, passion and desire for engaging worship.  We have been the beneficiaries of your knowledge and passion for God and His mission for our church and the world.”  
- Pastor Brian Russell, McDermot Avenue Baptist Church, Winnipeg, MB


“Bethel Community Church was more than blessed to have Mike with us for a weekend with Compassion. His heart for God and love for children around the world shines through his life. All were blessed and challenged by his ministry in our Sunday morning services. Mike is a wealth of knowledge, a great communicator, candid, practical, has a servant heart, is spirit-led and has a passion for missions and music. He came a day early and did a workshop with our music ministry teams. He gave some great advice and tips and shared his experience and expertise. Our band enjoyed playing with him in his worship set on Sunday. What a great encouragement and blessing to our team and our church! By the way, 34 children were sponsored that Sunday morning!”  
- Pastor Ed Grant, Bethel Community Church, Winnipeg, MB


“I appreciated Mike Schuster’s clear presentation of the transformational ministry of Compassion. Mike’s music and personal testimony communicated Jesus’ heart for the poor, and rightly challenged us to get involved. It was a pleasure to work with Mike, in the preparation leading up to our Compassion Sunday and his encouragement of our worship team. I look forward to having Mike back to The Link Church in the future."  
- Pastor Mike Landry, The Link Christian Fellowship (Evangelical Missionary), Medicine Hat, AB


“Our congregation was blessed by Mike's ministry. He led our musicians with sensitivity and understanding, helping them to grow in the use of their gifts. I also appreciated his flexibility and respect for the church's standards. It was a joy planning the service with him.”  - Pastor RJ, Living Hope Baptist Church, Toronto, ON


“Last weekend, Grand Forks Gospel Chapel in B.C. had the wonderful opportunity to hold a worship music workshop with Mike Schuster. What a blast!  Saturday night consisted of Mike giving us two hours of insightful ideas and approaches to worship, especially with a view to engaging the congregation in meaningful worship. Then a cross-section of worship team members joined together with Mike to rehearse for the following morning's service. And what a service it was!  Great music, wonderful worship and really meaningful delivery of the Word! The Holy Spirit was powerfully working throughout the service.

Thanks, Mike, for a terrific experience and all the great tips concerning delivery of worship music. God bless you in your ministry with Compassion and to all the churches you engage with.”        
- Ian Robins, Grand Forks Gospel Chapel, Grand Forks, B.C.


“Mike Schuster is a Spirit-filled, servant leader whose gifts of song and testimony with respect to his experience with Compassion Canada brought an invitation to renewed worship and a challenge to serve boldly to our congregation. The worship team at Our Savior Lutheran Church continues to benefit from the coaching provided them in rehearsal for Sunday worship. We are already looking at the calendar for when we might invite him back.”    
- Pastor Philip Penrod, Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Edmonton, AB


"What a great weekend we enjoyed with Mike. The worship teams at Calvary Baptist appreciated his expertise and his ability to communicate in layman's terms. They were stretched and motivated to think creatively. A person could see an appreciation for the traditional hymns and the contemporary Christian music. He blended them well.

The workshop presentation was stirring as he reminded us to think through the Sunday worship experience and make it all about our Lord and Savior. We will have him back again."   
- Pastor Wayne Jorstad, Calvary Baptist Church, Wetaskiwin, AB

“We were blessed by your ministry and your heart for Jesus Christ, His Church and the world. I have forwarded the notes of your workshop to our ministry team as I know they found your teaching extremely valuable! Your songs are excellent, not only in musical structure, but in doctrinal accuracy. I'm sure some of them will be part of the worship at Crossroads.

God bless you for your service to Compassion and for your commitment to minister to the local church! Your input into our ministry team was encouraging and insightful! Please feel free to use this email as a heartfelt endorsement of your ministry!”  
-  Pastor Steve Lagore, Crossroads Christian Assembly, Edmonton, AB


“A BIG thanks to you for your awesome ministry today. You connected so well with the whole church. I love your heart and love for the Lord. And the music was excellent. I think we need to keep singing Jesus I Surrender To Your Will (if not more of your songs). So glad this happened. God bless you big time!”   
- Pastor Bob Carroll, Northgate Baptist Church, Edmonton, AB


“Mike’s heart is for all people to be able to participate and engage with worshiping God, and he does this with great enthusiasm and skill. Regardless of the makeup of your church, Mike will get them praising our Saviour with a unified song. It was a pleasure having him at our church.”
- Shawn Baran (Worship Pastor), Oak Park Church of Christ, Calgary, AB


“Thank you, Mike, for so professionally and personally helping our music team to know how to raise the bar. Thank you also for inspiring us with your passion and your music.”   
- Eric Berg (Worship Leader), Caroline Church of the Nazarene, Caroline, AB


"It was a privilege to have Mike Schuster lead worship and work with our worship team. He is a very competent artist and worship leader who not only brings his expertise and passion for Jesus to the fore through his songs, but he also displays true humility and Godly character as he is also willing to work with musicians at any skill level and in both large or small churches. Our team truly enjoyed working with Mike and our congregation enjoyed having him lead us in worship. We look forward to welcoming him in our worship services in the future!"
- Amoriza Gunnink (Worship Pastor), Valleyview Presbyterian Church, Calgary, AB


"Mike and his worship team recently led our congregation through a wonderful morning of worship. They shared a meaningful blend of songs including some originals from his new CD. We not only appreciated the great music but also the attitude of just wanting to serve with their talent and skill. Mike's love of music and his heart for leading others in effective worship is abundantly evident. Our congregation would have them back anytime!"
- Pastor John Nicholson, Rosscarrock Church of Christ, Calgary, AB


“To The World is a real musical gem filled with both good music and spiritual wisdom.”   
– C.W. Ross (To The World CD Review - CW Blog)


“...the CD is a great blend of worship songs, motivated by a heart that is so obviously committed to the Lord...”  
- Denise Hill  (To The World CD Review - Calgary Songwriter)


“...beyond physically leading worship, Schuster’s primary gifting is as a song-writer. His songs are well suited for congregational settings. Churches looking for more than just the latest Chris Tomlin tune and open to considering local material for their services would do well to get their hands on this CD.”    
- Peter Fleck (To The World CD Review - City Light News)


To The World “This record is worth seeking out”    
- Rob S. (To The World CD Review - Alpha Omega News)

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