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CD Review

To The World

Alpha Omega News

March 2011

12 tracks @44:32   Grade = A-

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Thus far 2011 has been a very good year for new worship and praise music.  Add this second release from Canadian Worship Pastor Mike Schuster to the list.

All but one of the songs are original compositions. I enjoyed “I Believe” and “Jesus, I Surrender to Your Will.”  I can see those songs and others here, being used by the church-at-large.  I also liked the country rock “Rock Our World” while “I Want to Honor You” has a lovely cello.

While not profound, the lyrics are generally simple, and vertical.  Faith is a common theme.  Structurally, the songs often follow a verse-chorus verse-chorus-chorus pattern.  This record is worth seeking out.


Song stories and free charts are available on his web site.


- Rob S.
Alpha Omega News