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CD Review

To The World

Calgary Songwriter

February 2011

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The very first thing that struck me after I listened to several songs is the wonderful clarity.  I can hear the words so easily and Mike’s voice is not being drowned out by the music.  That is so refreshing!

Now on to other things….the CD is a great blend of worship songs, motivated by a heart that is so obviously committed to the Lord.  The more I listen to Mike’s music, the more I appreciate his heart for God first and then others. In this CD and his previous one, Mike collaborated with many amazing musician friends, another sign that he’s not in it to make a name for himself, but to bring glory to the Lord.  A humble spirit resonates in his music as revealed in “I Love Thy Kingdom God”, “Jesus, I Surrender to Your Will”, and “Wholly Devoted”.

With Mike’s recent transition from Worship Pastor at Bow Valley Christian Church to a new career, this will give him the freedom to share this CD with other churches.  What a rich blessing that will be.

- Denise Hill

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