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Drums: Ian McGillvrey, Phil Robertson, Darryl Swart

Bass: Hank Insell, Justin Kudding, Lorne Reimer

Guitars: Anthony Packwood, Rylan Martin, Ralf Buschmeyer, James Fullen, Andrew Gingrich,               Dan Nel, Steve Simpson, Mike R Schuster

Organ/Keys: Carlin Lemon, Leroy Harder, Chris Janz, Mike R Schuster

Harmonica: Dan Nel

Cello: Jason Erhardt

Mandolin: Kevin Elias, Steve Simpson

Aux Percussion: Mike R Schuster

Misc. Cowbell Sounds: Drake Lannigan

Vocals: Jennifer Schuster, Dan Nel, Laurell, Deanna Moore, Mike R Schuster

Photography by Joel Ross Photography

Album Design by Conrad Braun & Mike R Schuster

Engineered by Mike R Schuster & Dan Nel at Slyngshot Studios, Calgary, Alberta

Mixed & Mastered by Jordan Wiberg at Slyngshot Studios

Produced by Mike R Schuster, Leroy Harder, and Dan Nel

Original Printing & Pressing by Digital Media Alliance; Subsequent Pressings by DiscMakers

James Fullen recorded at The Bedroom, Canmore, Alberta

Andrew Gingrich recorded at Fret Eleven, Calgary, Alberta

Chris Janz recorded at  Mission Control Studios, Abbotsford, B.C.

Carlin Lemon recorded at Lemonfresh Sound & Music, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Rylan Martin recorded at Gee Whiz Studio, Edmonton, Alberta

Phil Robertson recorded at e-studio-drummer.com, Vancouver, B.C.

Steve Simpson recorded at Steve’s macbook,  St. Catharines, Ontario

To The World (2011) Credits

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