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All I Need - Song Story

I had never heard this hymn either (that I remember), but if you miss the original melody, my Mom can sing it to you...


I love these lyrics, and the repetitive, “All I need. All I need. He is all I need”. You and I need to be constantly reminded of this simple truth when we start to achieve things on our own, and then ask God to bless them afterward.

I see this absolute reliance on God  demonstrated over and over in situations of extreme poverty in my travels with Compassion. People living in extreme poverty seem to “get it” - and their gratitude, generosity, and passionate worship puts us to shame.

We who live with much need to remind ourselves over and over that He 

is all we need. The things of earth will pass away, but His love endures 


Musicians on “All I Need”

Mike R Schuster (vocals)

Mike R Schuster (acoustic)

Carlin Lemon (keys)

Leroy Harder (keys - pad)

Dave Janssen (bass)

Phil Robertson (percussion)


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