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To You, O God - Song Story

This is a remake of Henry Francis Lyte’s “Jesus I My Cross Have Taken” written in 1824. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the original hymn (and I know a lot of hymns!), but Lyte’s lyrics rang true to me, and I liked that he included verses that weren’t all roses and sunshine - we all face trials and hardships in our journey. “Foes may hate and friends disown us”, but God shows up in those situations too, and draws us to His side.

 Original Lyrics by Henry F. Lyte (1824)

Music & Additional Lyrics by Mike R Schuster

 ©2014 MyCar Music (SOCAN)

CCLI #7035791

There’s another Henry F Lyte song on this album… please check out “Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven

Musicians on “To You, O God”

Mike R Schuster (vocals)

Jennifer Schuster (BGVs)

Mike R Schuster (acoustic)

Carlin Lemon (keys)

Dave Janssen (bass)

Phil Robertson (drums)


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