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I Want To Honor You - Song Story

I wrote this song driving in a Mustang convertible from Phoenix, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada. There’s not a lot to see on that road, but there is time to think. It’s much like the famous Highway 2 in Alberta (where I’ve written a LOT of songs).

What makes this song unique for me, is that it was written in it’s entirety while driving that road, without a guitar or piano at hand... Just sung into my phone. I filled in the chords at home when I got to a piano, but the melody and lyrics remain unchanged. Not a note or a word changed.

I fall so short, so often... but God keeps hanging in there for me.

I wish I did a better job of living up to the words of this song...

Musicians on “I Want To Honor You”

Mike R Schuster (piano 1);

Chris Janz (piano 2);

Jason Erhardt (cello);

Chris Janz  (celli pad);

Lorne Reimer (bass);

Ian McGillvrey (drums);

Mike R Schuster (BGVs)


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