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I Believe - Song Story

(Co-write with Laurell)

I had the opportunity of co-writing this song with Laurell (www.laurell.ca) in the Spring of 2009 as she passed through Calgary a couple times within a month on her “Can’t Stop Falling” Tour.

Laurell is an amazing singer / songwriter from the Vancouver area whose music is really going places. We wrote this song

as a simple “statement of faith”, and honest expression of our doubts and shortcomings and God’s grace towards us...

We used this song often as a call to worship at BVCC.

I love Laurell’s music (both recorded and live) and you will too! Check out her website at: www.laurell.ca

Musicians on “I Believe”

Rylan Martin (lead guitar);

Mike R Schuster (acoustic);

Justin Kudding (bass);

Phil Robertson (drums);

Mike R Schuster (aux perc);

Laurell Barker (BGVs)

Jennifer Schuster (BGVs)


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