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Rock Our World - Song Story

This song too comes from the Willow Creek Leadership Summit (take a hint, you should attend one too!). Bill Hybels prayed a passionate prayer that Jesus “Rock our world - shake us up... get us moving...” That phase stuck with me, and soon after that Summit I wrote this song. I’m not a rocker, but when the hook is “Rock Our World”… I had to go in that direction.

I know how easy it is to become complacent and lethargic in our faith... We need God to “Rock our World” every once in a while.

This seems like an appropriate place to put in a shameless

 plug for the Willow Creek Leadership Summit... You really

 do need to consider attending every year. It’s simulcast to

  a church in your area, and if you asked your home church

            they’d probably help sponsor you to get there.

Check out www.willowcreek.com

Musicians on “Rock Our World”

Anthony Packwood (lead guitar);

Mike R Schuster (acoustic);

Carlin Lemon (organ);

Justin Kudding (bass);

Darryl Swart (drums);

Mike R Schuster (aux perc);

Mike R Schuster (BGVs)  

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