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I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord - Song Story

For 10 years I attended the Willow Creek Leadership Summit every year - I find it to be the most inspiring place on the planet. Amazing speakers...

A number of years ago at the Leadership Summit, Bill Hybels shared a touching story of a Pastor reciting the lyrics from this old hymn (I cried).  I’ve always loved this hymn, and as I played with it, I turned one of the verses into a chorus, preserving all the lyrics intact (for the last 215 years).

This is believed to be the oldest hymn by an American lyricist that’s still in common use. The lyrics were written by Timothy Dwight in 1800 (there were eight original verses. I didn’t use them all, you’re welcome!). The music (except my new chorus) was written by Aaron Williams in 1770.

If you enjoy remade hymns and appreciate the depth of these old lyrics, my newest project contains eight remakes of old hymn lyrics.

Musicians on “I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord”

Mike R Schuster (all vocals, acoustic, aux perc);

Carlin Lemon (organ);

Hank Insell (bass);

Ian McGillvrey (drums);

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